Delta Tracing: Animation des Marthashof

Die Firma Delta Tracing wurde in 2008 von der Stofanel Investment AG für die Animation des Marthahsof beauftragt. In einem Forum steht dazu folgender Eintrag:

„Last week we finished the Marthashof rendering production. This is a future residential project based in Berlin. The project will contain a large number of luxury appartments and a very green central area in the centre with several types of flowers and trees. The client wanted a mediterranean feeling, a lot of sun and trees that gives the feeling of an architecture which lives in the green.

We used 3ds Max 2009 (the project's production started with the Beta version on January) + mental ray renderer. The 3D scene has 50.000.000 polygons and thanks to the new mr proxy technology we manage without any problems to rendered it. All the trees and vegetation elements were transformed in mr proxy while the architecture and urban elements remained as original meshes in the scene. We used our render farm composed by 12 Intel QuadCore 6GB Ram - Vista 64bit. Due to the deadline and final delivery I didn't have the change to use any 3D grass effect.“

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Marthashof News vom 11.05.2008